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In his famous book, Kodachrome of 1978, his series show images of images, details of topographic maps and atlases, because «the only possible journey today is in signs, in images».
It is in his shots of heaven, taken at the same place for 365 days, that Luigi Ghirri expressed the inability of photography to fix the ultimate moment of a natural phenomenon.
Several thousand shots were taken during this decade. His singular style has sought to discover simple details like a window or a kitsch object and to present them in majesty in all their aesthetics as imper- fect as touching. Its display cases and mirrors reflect infinitely a fictional perception of a world of myths steeped in logos and images.
Far from reaching a vision of despair, Luigi Ghirri’s absurd world is full of humor.
A pioneer in his analysis, Luigi Ghirri was able to disassemble objects and subjects while keeping their magic beyond the veil of artifice.
He has led a real reflection on the reality of the place of the image in our world in visual overconsumption.
He had sensed the «destruction of experience» by the rise of the virtual as a misery cache of a personal culture in impoverishment, and decor of a fantasized life more than realized.
Luigi Ghirri, an eye, a look, a vision ... to rediscover, to discover.
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