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The lines are based on the body, details and choice of fabrics lead to this extreme elegance, timeless, «Natural», to use the name of this collection syno- nymous with good taste.
These new silhouettes are part of an oval to highlight the face, bust and hips and make women not only more beautiful but also free to express their happiness.
Without a true style revolution, the Maison Dior remains linked to the choice of its classic shades of gray elephant to green and blue sky, but with the will to evolve towards more femininity, excitement and gaiety.
Chinese hats, bell flared skirts, rounded shoulders, raglan sleeves, a collection day and night composed by 200 models and presented in three parades, an unforgettable social event in the Casino’s Perla Room, which will be followed by other collections of more in more modern where the love of the woman will always be the starting point of the creations of Mr Christian Dior.
A must-see exhibition for fashion lovers and Venetian villas in the magical setting of the beautiful and mysterious Venice at the heart of its famous Biennale.
Intramontabili eleganze.
Dior a Venezia nell’Archivio Cameraphoto Museo Nazionale di Villa Pisani
Via Doge Pisani 39 Stra

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