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Mr. Ogata used noble and durable materials for this exceptional universe. Japanese tradition here respects the ancient elements of the French spirit of the 17th century. Black tomettes and shikkui walls, lime and eggshell dust, are just pure blond wood in a very minimalist style.
This concept is based on the five pillars of Japan and its famous welcoming ceremonies, tea, gastronomy, hospitality, culture and crafts. To complete these Japanese delights, an art gallery is planned in the mezzanine.On four levels, the pastries, terracotta and porcelain tableware and exquisite recipes from the rising sun are displayed with extreme refinement.A room is dedicated to the art of tea and its roasting. More than 30 references are presented in very elegant golden cases also designed by Mr. Ogata, designer of the detail.
The most traditional recipes of rice paste and red or white beans rub shoulders with those more European but nevertheless revisited such as cheese cake, chocolate cake or Portuguese castella with sansho pepper. This mix of genres continues at the heart of the restaurant menu overseen by Mr. Ogata’s innate sense of aesthetics with his chefs.
For lovers of privacy, a bar on the first floor can only accommodate fif- teen people in its refined luxury. And for tea lovers, an authentic lounge dedicated to its famous ceremony is nestled in the basement.
This incredible temple made of a subtle geometry bathed in soft tranqui- lity plays the codes of Ying and Yang in a clever play of lights.
OGATA, a true haven of peace, is an invitation to travel to this eternal Japan, the magic land of the ancestors and the avant-garde.
OGATA 16,rue Debellyeme 75003 Paris

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