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Divinely blue sky
Scent of happy days
The heart flies away like a bird In such beautiful paradise
Sweet scents Intoxicate hearts Troubling desires With deep sighs
The coronation of spring A dance in the firmament Dawn so tender
Let the sun surprise her In its pink light
Of a new enchanted love...
Be different
Micha Christos
« Here the long days, light, love, madness!
Here is spring! March, April with a sweet smile, May in bloom, June hot, all beautiful months, friends! The poplars, at the edge of the sleeping rivers
... The day is born crowned with a fresh and tender dawn; The evening is full of love; at night, we think we hear, Through the immense shadow and under the blessed sky, Something happy to sing in the infinite. «
Victor Hugo «Spring»
© NICOLAS GUILLON @Backstageagency

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