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Chanel imagines her little black dress, Le Corbusier, Perriand and Jeanneret create their famous club armchair, Maragrete Schütte-Lihotzky designs Frankfurt cuisine while Moholy-Nagy changes the approach to photography with his concept of New Vision. These icons of modernism are still sources of inspiration and lust in the universe of the 21st century that continues to imitate or desire them with ardor.
The exhibition also presents contemporary artists who are interested in the aesthetics and themes of the 1920s.
«The golden years» as the German speakers call them have given free rein to the plurality of means enabling artists to exercise their function as activists. This exhibition cultivates aesthetics as a form of interrogation on current social and economic issues.
These works of the 1920s released the moorings of a drunken boat whose waves are still breaking in gusts on our time ... when beauty is questio- ned, it questions with strength and grace.
László Moholy-Nagy, LIS, 1922
Oil on canvas, 131 x 100 cm Kunsthaus Zürich, 1981

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