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The exhibition will allow visitors to contemplate the full-scale splendor of the frescoes that decorated the most beautiful Pompeian residences.
The treasures of amulets and refined objects in earthenware, molten glass, ivory, bone, amber, bronze and marble rub shoulders with jewels and sump- tuous furniture.
A magnificent mosaic of the nympheum depicts Arian and Dionysus as Venus appears in all her majesty on her chariot drawn by elephants.
This unique sensory experience brings visitors back to life in a spectacular way the daily life of the Pompeiians and archaeologists in search of their secrets.
Pompeii covers 66 hectares and only 44 have been excavated to date. This archaeological site is the only one capable of reconstructing in its entirety an ancient Roman center, from the simplest graffiti to the largest architectural and decorative elements. The virtually vivid exhibition immerses its guests in a succession of emotions to stimulate their appetites for knowledge and their ability to marvel.
Pompeii, through its history, traces that of humanity facing the great mystery of life and its eternity beyond its temporality.

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